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In order to outfit the needs of student’s, looking for quality GLOBAL EDUCATION, George Edcare acts as a coordinator between the students and foreign educational institutions. With the support of an experienced team of professionals, we motivate aspirants aiming to pursue graduation from abroad or post-graduation from abroad.

Our test preparation strategies, academic assistance for US Universities, financial aid and visa counselling services have helped to shape the future career of numerous study-abroad aspirants.

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Your dream of pursuing HIGHER STUDIES ABROAD is definitely within your reach.

GEORGE EDCARE, this institute of excellence has successfully trained and sent over more than 8500 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to the USA, UK, Canada and other preferred destinations.

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Our Students are Studying at

Arizona State University    Auburn University    Boston University    Bradley University    Brigham University    California State University    Carnegie Mellon    Case Western    eserve University    Colorado State University    Florida International University    Illinois State University    Indiana Polis    Indiana University    Iowa State University    Ithaca College    Kansas State University    Kent State University    Kings College London    London School of Economics & Pol. Science    Louisiana State University    Lund University    Miami University    Michigan State University    Michigan Technological University / Illinois Institute of Tech.    New Jersey Institute of Technology    New York Institute of Tech Manhattan Campus    North Dakota State University    Ohio State University    Oklahoma State University    Pennsylvania State University    Purdue University    Roosevelt University    Simon Fraser University    Smith College    South Dakota State University    Southern Illinois University Carbondel    Syracuse University    Temple University    Tennessee Technological University    Texas A&M University    Texas Tech University    The University of New Orleans    Tulane University    University College Ondon    University of Alabama    University of Albany    University of California Irvine    University of Cincinnati    University of Exeter    University of Florida    University of Georgia    University of Georgia at Athens    University of Glasgow    University of Houston    University of Illinois at Chicago    University of Indianapolis    University of Liverpool Lancaster University    University of Maine    University of Manitoba    University of Maryland    University of Massachusetts    University of Minesota    University of Missouri    University of Nebraska University of Reading    University of Sheffileds    University of South Florida    University of Southern California    University of Texas    University of Toledo    University of Vermont    University of Wisconsin Madison    Vanderbilt University    Wayne State University    Wichita State University    Woodbury University at Burbank